Hi. I’m Wesdiarman. Friends call me Wes. I’m a creative and maker, but my job mostly into directing and managing creative process to help others reaches their goals. I’m a product design graduate but i dont dare to call myself product designer. Because in the process of my early career i also do interior consulting, graphic design, interface and communication design. All in all with the injection of marketing jargon and branding in ‘mind.

I’ve an unapologetic bond with everything new. Thats why i love to explore and travel, play with new gadgets, meets new people, or just create new artistic photos by finding uniqueness from simple ordinary object. It sounds like i love to talk but i’d also love to have some privacy of my own, especially in the middle of the night in the web.

Offline, i play with my kids which is 3 of them and took lots of photos of them. I also read, watch good stuff, and lately i’m into writing. Some says i have too much interest in my life, but because i believe knowledge is everything. I also find the ultimate resolution into every challenge in our life is by understanding people, which is quite hard sometimes.

Tring to get me? DM me in Instagram or email me thru gmail, the response will be slow but sure it will get through.